Tooth Fairy tales tell youngsters about dental care

March 12, 1991|By Andrea Marsh

You may be biting off more than you can chew when you sink your teeth into a fairy tale these days.

In one story, Bad Breath comes to Planet Enamel and meets Wisdom Tooth. But it's not as strange as it sounds. To hundreds of children in the Baltimore area, this is a new way to have fun and to learn about dental care.

Tooth Fairy Tales, a telephone subscription service, was begun early in the fall by Wendy Schunick, the mother of two young children and wife of a dentist.

A subscription costs $10 or $25. The child receives a letter and a tooth pouch and can telephone the tooth fairy 10 times during the year and hear a different fairy tale each time.

The $25 subscription also includes a small gift that is sent to a child after each call. "It's a surprise," Mrs. Schunick said.

For more information, call 363-9497.

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