Federal Contracts Report is a weekly summary of selected...

Federal contracts

March 11, 1991

Federal Contracts Report is a weekly summary of selected contracts recently awarded by the federal government to companies and other vendors in the Baltimore area.

Team Ace Joint Venture of Baltimore won a $358,848 contracfrom the Department of Commerce to provide shower and latrine upgrade.

Dairy Maid Dairy of Frederick won a $22,545,475 contract frothe Contracting Center to provide operational management of a government-owned milk plant.

AAI Corp. of Hunt Valley won a $6.8 million contract from the U.SNavy to supply training aids and devices.

Metcalf and Eddy Inc. of Burtonsville won a $5 million contracfrom the Navy to provide environmental services.

Interlink Computer Sciences of Columbia won a $119,07contract from the Navy to provide software.

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