Parents Unfair To Sex Ed

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March 10, 1991

From: Inga Joyner


I am responding to the (letter "Teen abortion rate prompted sex education curriculum," by Nancy Hudson) in the Feb. 27 newspaper.

Iam a teen parent. If I had had a sex education curriculum when I wasin middle school, maybe I would not be where I am now.

Also, I know Nancy Hudson personally, and she has taught me a lot. And I don't think she would tell the kids anything to hurt them.

The parents that gave the criticism need to go sit in on the class before they criticize. There are a lot of parents who don't even know these kids arehaving sex.

Also, if the teaching started at home there would be no need for a class.

But most parents need teaching as well as thekids.

They need to be taught that a relationship is not based on sex.

And if this class is a start to reducing teen pregnancy, thenI'm willing to help.

I think parents should be willing, too.


From: Raymond P. Bahr

Ellicott City

For the last 10 years Howard County has had a higher growth rate than any other county in Maryland.

This unfortunate trend is expected to continue because surrounding counties have stricter rural and agricultural zoning regulations. Consequently, growth continues to be directedinto our county.

Within its rural and agricultural districts, Montgomery County allows one dwelling unit per 30 acres of land. CarrollCounty allows one unit per 20 acres, and Baltimore and Frederick counties allow one unit per 50 acres.

In distinct contrast, the remaining rural and agricultural

land in Howard County is zoned at one unit per three acres.

With the lower unit per acre ratio in HowardCounty, more homes can and will be constructed at a lower cost than in the surrounding counties.

Thus, if a buyer is interested in a rural setting for a new home in the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area, Howard County is easily the most economically attractive site.

Looking realistically at these economic factors, we can assume theremaining farm and forest land will fall quickly to three-acre homesites.

This unrestrained growth in Howard County will cause more stress on an already taxed infrastructure (roads, sewers, schools, 911 emergency response, etc.).

More congested roads, added pollution from automobiles, crowded schools, deteriorating ground water and overburdened landfills will continue to erode the quality of life we treasure in Howard County.

Two possible solutions exist. Howard Countycould rezone the western portion of our county to resemble the zoning in surrounding counties.

This would negate the incentives currently in place which are causing rampant growth and are overwhelming our remaining rural and agricultural land in Howard County.

The second solution would emanate from the proposed Maryland Growth and Chesapeake Bay Protection Act being debated in Annapolis.

If passed, this Act would accomplish the desired goals. Rural and resource areas would be zoned for one unit per 20 acres across the state.

This common ratio would nullify the incentives for building in Howard County as opposed to building in Montgomery, Carroll, Baltimore and Frederick counties.

If Howard countians work to let their elected officials know howthey feel about uncontrolled growth, and if their elected officials support the Maryland Growth and Chesapeake Bay Protection Act, we can save our valuable resources and maintain the quality of life we enjoy in the county.


From: Dennis D'Adamo


The introduction of Howard County Council bills47 and 48 should be seen and rejected as a part of the national Republican agenda.

Council bill 47 would limit County Council representatives to three elected terms in office.

Council bill 48 is a resolution asking Maryland's congressional delegation to endorse term limitations for members of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.

The voters of Howard County should note that the strategy of the Republican Party, on the national, state and local levels, is to gain through term limitation what they cannot gain on election day -- a Republican majority in elected office.

Here is a party that tried to eliminate the two-term limitation on the presidency during President Reagan's term but now wants to limit terms for offices dominated by Democrats.

These bills are the most partisan, blatantly un-democratic, anti-people and anti-election legislation ever introduced.

It is ironic that Councilman (Darrel) Drown (R-2d) campaigned asthe people's candidate and against growth but has spent his time in office voting to remove the growth cap and marching to the anti-democratic orders of the National Republican Committee.

Voters beware, these bills are not what they appear to be!

Editor's note: The writer is president of the Columbia Democratic Club and is a member of the county Democratic Central Committee.


From: Jon Sanford

Nick Lee


We have been working on an environmental project concerning the depletion of the ozone layer caused by Freon.

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