Ccgh Reaching Capacity

March 10, 1991

WESTMINSTER — More patients and a change in the license to accommodate them have Carroll County General Hospital bustling with activity, administratorssaid at the board's quarterly meeting last week.

The state just increased the hospital's number of licensed beds by 10, making it a 128-bed hospital. State regulations allow an increase of up to 10 everytwo years.

But the patient census has run as high as 135 some days, including outpatients, meaning some beds got used twice in one day, said Deanna Dell, vice president for nursing.

More physicians and services have increased the patient volume, hospital administrators said. New services this year include magnetic resonance imaging, new laser surgery equipment and lithotripsy for non-surgical treatment of kidney stones. Also, more obstetricians in the area have led to an increase indeliveries at CCGH.

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