Scouts' Food Donations Up

March 10, 1991

Cub and Boy Scouts contributed more than 80,000 pounds of food to the county food bank last week during the third annual Scouting for Food program.

"It was up from past years, about 50 percent more than last year," said Kevin LesCallette, district director for the Four Rivers District, which encompasses Cub Scout and Boy Scout troops in northern Anne Arundel County and southeastern Baltimore City.

"In these bad economic times, the county showed great effort to put up that kind of support," he added.

The Four Rivers District, which comprises 60 packs and troops, contributed 51,580 pounds to the effort, and the 25 Cub and Boy Scouts and Explorer Posts of the Capitol District -- from central and south Anne Arundel County -- contributed 30,500 pounds.

"The majority of the food went to the food bank. Some scouts are chartered by churches, and food went to their pantries," said LesCallette.

The scouts left plastic bags at the doors of houses in their designated areas the last week in February.

On March 2, the troops and packs went back to those areas and collected bags to take to the food bank.

"This year, bags were 6 to 7 poundseach, as compared to 3 to 4 pounds in past years," said Bruce Michalec, director of the county food bank in Deale. About 30 scouts assisted Michalec in unloading trucks and sorting food into categories.

"There was a constant stream of food. We worked from 8:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. It was a tremendous amount of food," said Michalec. "Sometimes we take our scouts for granted. I am really proud of them."

BBM Delivery Inc. of Severn provided three trucks for the Four Rivers District Scouts to move the food to the Deale location.

The trucking company has been helping with the Scouting for Food program for three years.

They also sponsor Cub Scout Pack 662 of Ridgeway Elementary School, said Kevin Bolk of BBM Delivery.

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