Present For First Lady

March 10, 1991

Jonathan Glen Bowman, Erin K. Cowan, Jennifer M. Dooms, Jonathan David Yonkey, Chris G. Koster, Jimmy Hendley, Susan Halvorsen and Theresa Nicole Broussard of West Meade Elementary School recently presentedfirst lady Barbara Bush with an original illustrated composition expressing their hope for the future.

Following is a copy of the text, "Our World":

"Our world is full of beautiful sights from the forests and the lakes to the mountains and the deserts. We see blue waters jumping with fish, green forests shaded with big, tall trees, and bright meadowsblanketed with colorful flowers. There are hot, dry, golden sands and towering snow-capped mountains. Our world is full of love, love of family and love of friends. We see mothers and fathers caring for their children, Mr. President and Mrs. Bush spoiling their grandchildrenand their dog, Millie. We see friends who are supportive and understanding. They listen to one another and share their dreams. Our world is full of brotherhood. We see countries being bonded together, people of different races, religions and heritage all living in peace. TheBerlin Wall is a memory. Panama is safe from dictatorships. Kuwait is once again free! Our world is a world of beauty, love and brotherhood. We are its children. When will it be our turn to contribute? Can your tell us?"

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