Cadden: The Door Is Open

Readers write

March 10, 1991

From: Joan Cadden

District 31 Delegate

When local church leaders announced Sunday, February 17, to call Delegates Cadden and (W. Ray) Huff to ask support for the "conscienceclause," people began calling our Annapolis office. Our Annapolis office hours are 1 to 9 p.m. Mondays and 9 to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays during session.

Many people contacted me at my home number,789-1914. I received calls until 11:25 p.m. Sunday and as early as 7a.m. Monday morning. I can understand (Anne Arundel County Sun letter writer) Ms. Vogelsang having difficulty in reaching us as we were flooded with calls. However, I do not feel we deserve to be labeled "deaf to voter's view" as noted in your "Readers write" article Sunday,February 24.

I hope my constituents know I welcome hearing of their concerns on issues and respect their opinions. We have an open-door policy in our Annapolis office. We strive to be easily accessible to our constituents.


From: Bill D. Burlison


One cannot but admire Delegate John C. Astle (D-30) for his patriotic fervor in returning to military service to defend our country.

And grief inherently pervades a county when it loses apublic servant of the caliber of the late Dr. Aris Allen.

Their departure from the local political scene provides a backdrop for shocking personal loss on the one hand, and ironic anomaly on the other.

Structurally and functionally, legislative district 30 now has the most effective and efficient representation in the House of Delegatesof any district in the State of Maryland.

A centerpiece of my effort last year to impress Marylanders with the need to reduce state government waste was the reduction of state delegates by 47, i.e., one delegate per legislative district. I argued that two delegates could do the job better than three. The truth is that one could do it even better, but let's defer that issue to the next century.

My rationale is given legitimacy by the fact that no one has even suggested that Delegate Astle's seat be filled for the six months or more that he will be absent, which includes the annual legislative session.

Theparadox is made complete in that the lone legislator of District 30 has been selected by his Anne Arundel County colleagues to lead the delegation. They also obviously feel that District 30 has effective leadership.

As an aside, Democrats must be encouraged that the Republicans were not successful in their efforts to seize delegation leadership on the departure of Delegate Astle.

Editor's note: The writer was a candidate for State Delegate District 30.


From: Kevin T. Bradford

Glen Burnie

Congressman Thomas McMillen, Maryland's 4th District basketball-dribbling, Rhodes scholar "wonderboy," has again let down his guard. While last year he made a big deal out of saving a few jobs at Curtis Bay, this year, 1,200 jobs were lost at Westinghouse with barely a peep of protest from Mr. McMillen.

Is that the best our "wonderboy" could do? The jobs lost at Westinghouse were government contract jobs. With enough protest from Maryland's congressional delegation, those jobs could have been saved. Or is McMillen too incompetent to play those games on Capitol Hill?

Perhaps "wonderboy" McMillen doesn't care about those 1,200 jobs. It could be that he is an ideological liberal who is anathema to anything labeled "defense." After all, he is opposed to most defense programs. With the savings from

the (canceled) A-12 program, "wonderboy" can now spend more of our money on sugar subsidies and onthe S & L disaster he helped to precipitate.

It is amusing to seeMcMillen spend more time helping the plight of Maryland's sugar producers (every single none of them), while ignoring the plight of one of his district's largest employers. It is evident that "wonderboy's" sense of priorities do not match those of his constituents. Perhaps he picked them up somewhere in England while in college?


From: Cornelius J. Hourihan

Executive Director, POOP (People Opposed to Opulent Politicians)

At a sparsely attended pressbriefing this morning, an allied coalition led by the Maryland Chapter of POOP (People Opposed to Opulent Politicians) delivered an ultimatum to His Royal Highness William Donald Schaefer. The communique, issued from a heavily fortified chicken coop west of Easton, demanded Schaefer's unconditional withdrawal from Annapolis by midnight, March15.

"Schaefer must be out of Annapolis with all his sycophants, bureaucrats, hangers-on and functionaries by the deadline or face expulsion by POOP and its allies." The statement went on to say, "What wesay goes. He must abandon the Governor's Mansion and he must remove all potentially contentious knickknacks, bric-a-bracs, sofas, bronze fountains and painted screens, and he must return to his original position of five years ago."

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