Because of an editing error, The Sun on March 10 reported...

Votes in Congress

March 10, 1991|By Roll Call Report Syndicate

Because of an editing error, The Sun on March 10 reported incorrectly the vote of Representative Kweisi Mfume, D-Md.-7th, on a bill to appropriate $42.6 billion for the military costs of the Persian Gulf war. Mr. Mfume was one of 19 congressmen to vote against the appropriation.

The Sun regrets the errors.

Here is how members of Maryland's delegation on Capitol Hill were recorded on important roll-call votes last week:



By a vote of 24 for and 397 against, the House rejected an amendment to strip a spending bill of $650 million to help Israel repair the damage it suffered in the Persian Gulf war. The bill (HR 1281), appropriating $4.3 billion for a variety of domestic and foreign programs this fiscal year, was sent to the Senate with the money for Israel intact.


yes vote was to strip the money for Israel from the spending bill.

VOTE Member

N------- Bentley, Helen Delich, R-2nd

N--------Byron, Beverly B., D-6th

N--------Cardin, Benjamin L., D-3rd

N--------Gilchrest, Wayne T., R-1st

N--------Hoyer, Steny H. D-5th

N--------McMillen, Tom, D-4th

N--------Mfume, Kweisi, D-7th

N--------Morella, Constance A., R-8th


By a vote of 177 for and 240 against, the House rejected an amendment to HR 1281 (above) authorizing $787 million for new approaches to public housing and programs for the homeless. The money was to have come from several other public housing programs. It was to have subsidized administration-backed initiatives enabling tenants to buy their units, block grants to states and cities to spur development of affordable housing, and rental aid and other services for the homeless.

A yes vote was to fund the administration-backed housing and homeless initiatives.

VOTE Member

Y-----Bentley, Helen Delich, R-2nd

N-----Byron, Beverly B., D-6th

N-----Cardin, Benjamin L., D-3rd

Y-----Gilchrest, Wayne T., R-1st

N-----Hoyer, Steny H. D-5th

N-----McMillen, Tom, D-4th

N-----Mfume, Kweisi, D-7th

N-----Morella, Constance A., R-8th


By a vote of 380-19, the House sent to the Senate a bill (HR 1282) appropriating $42.6 billion for U.S. military costs of the Persian Gulf war. U.S. taxpayers would provide up to $15 billion, with the remainder supplied by allies. To date, more than $30 billion remains unpaid of nearly $44 billion pledged by allies to defray U.S. war costs.

In part, the bill earmarks $7.9 billion for personnel costs, $6.3 billion for combat costs estimated at more than $150 million per day, and $2.9 billion for weapons projects such as replenishing and upgrading "smart bomb" and Patriot and Tomahawk missile arsenals.

A yes vote supported gulf war appropriations.

VOTE Member

Y-----Bentley, Helen Delich, R-2nd

Y-----Byron, Beverly B., D-6th

Y-----Cardin, Benjamin L., D-3rd

Y-----Gilchrest, Wayne T., R-1st

Y-----Hoyer, Steny H. D-5th

Y-----McMillen, Tom, D-4th

Y-----Mfume, Kweisi, D-7th

Y-----Morella, Constance A., R-8th


By a vote of 69-30, the Senate passed a bill (S 419) authorizing $30 billion in Treasury borrowing this fiscal year for the taxpayer bailout of failed savings and loans institutions. This follows $50 // billion already made available for the salvage operation. The Resolution Trust Corp. would use the new money to close up to 200 thrifts. Companion legislation is due soon on the House floor.

A yes vote authorized $30 billion to fund the S&L bailout until the end of the fiscal year.

VOTE Member

Y-----Mikulski, Barbara A., D

Y-----Sarbanes, Paul S., D


By a vote of 71-28, the Senate tabled (killed) an amendment to S 419 (above) requiring the administration to recommend ways of financing the S&L bailout directly rather than by Treasury borrowing. The pay-as-you-go approach would incorporate the cost into the federal budget and probably require the administration to ask Congress for higher taxes.

The amendment also sought to cut the new bailout authorization from $30 billion to $15 billion on the ground that the Resolution Trust Corp. will perform better if it must return frequently to Capitol Hill to seek funding.

1% A yes vote opposed the amendment.

VOTE Member

N-----Mikulski, Barbara A., D

Y-----Sarbanes, Paul S., D


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