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March 08, 1991

Ben Johnson to retire after 1992 Olympics

Ben Johnson, in the midst of his return to track and field, said yesterday that he will quit the sport after next year's Olympics in Barcelona, Spain.

The sprinter has targeted three races for victory: the 60-meter final at the indoor world championships in Seville, Spain, Saturday; the 100-meter at the world championships in Tokyo in the summer; and the Olympic 100-meter final in Barcelona.

"After that I will finish with track and field," the 29-year-old Canadian said.

After beating Carl Lewis in the 1988 Olympics, Johnson was stripped of the gold medal and the world record he set because a urine sample detected he had been taking muscle-building steroids. He later was banned for two years.

Since his comeback in January, Johnson has run eight races, all indoors, winning five.

Pro football

Five Sacramento businessmen have submitted an application bring a National Football League expansion team to the capital, The Sacramento Bee reported.

The newspaper said former San Francisco 49ers coach Bill Walsh has expressed interest in part ownership, lining up investors and serving as managing partner.

The deadline for consideration in the next round of expansion is March 18. Two teams are expected to be added, perhaps in time for the 1993 season.

* Chicago Bears quarterback Mike Tomczak, a Plan B free agent, has tried out for the Cleveland Browns.


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