March 08, 1991

This parody of last December's United Nations Security Council resolution on the Middle East was submitted by Nathan Dodell, a free-lance writer living in Rockville.


RECOGNIZING that it adopted an unfair and one-sided resolution on the Middle East on Dec. 20, 1990,

RECOGNIZING FURTHER its obligation to make amends for its lack of balance,

HAVING REVIEWED the history of the last 43 years,

TAKING NOTE of the fact that the United Nations Partition Resolution of 1947, which divided Palestine into a Palestinian Arab and a Jewish state, was frustrated by the Arab world, which did not permit the Arab state to come into being and sought to destroy the Jewish state,

RECALLING that Jordan occupied the West Bank from 1948 until 1967 and did not allow the Palestinians to have a state, but instead purported to annex the West Bank, an act recognized only by Great Britain and Pakistan,

REMEMBERING that Israel came into possession of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip only as the result of repelling Arab aggression in 1967,

TAKING INTO CONSIDERATION the fact that, under Resolutions and 338, Israel's withdrawal from an unspecified portion of the occupied territories is to take place only as a result of negotiations among the states involved, and only to secure and recognized borders,

TAKING INTO FURTHER CONSIDERATION the fact that Israeli civilians were the targets of Iraqi Scud missiles in the Persian Gulf war of 1991, and Israel, though provoked, did not counterattack,

INTENSELY MINDFUL of the fact that Arab intransigence prevented realization of the Camp David dream, in that, under Camp David, Israel gave up territory, airfields and oil fields to Egypt, and final disposition of the occupied territories would nTC have been the subject of negotiations after a five-year period of Palestinian autonomy, but the Arabs were unwilling to implement Camp David,

1. CALLS UPON the Arab states to engage in direct, one-on-one negotiations with Israel, which are consistent with Resolutions 242 and 338;

2. DEPLORES the 40-year-old Arab boycott of Israel, which preceded the occupation of the territories by Israel, and, by constituting hostile conduct toward a member state, is an obstacle to peace;

3. URGES the General Assembly to repeal the Zionism-is-a-form-of-racism resolution, which inappropriately calls into question the legitimacy of Israel, because Zionism is the national liberation movement of the Jewish people;

4. REQUESTS the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to rescind the provision of its charter which calls for the destruction of Israel, because the provision calls into question the PLO's purported acceptance of the existence of Israel and renunciation of terrorism;

5. EXPRESSES to the Palestinians the view that the intifada is not conducive to peace; that they would be better served by taking actions consistent with this resolution; and that Palestinians killing Palestinians for alleged cooperation with Israel does not help the cause of peace;

6. ADMONISHES Arab States whose maps do not reflect the existence of Israel that such cartography is inimical to peace because it appears to manifest a wish that they would fulfill if they had the might.

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