But did they have medical coverage?

Mike Bowler

March 08, 1991|By Mike Bowler

THE highest-paid people in American higher education aren't presidents. They aren't administrators. They aren't business professors and others currently in high demand. They are professors in medical schools.

The Chronicle of Higher Education is just out with its annual listing of the salaries earned by presidents and the five highest-paid employees at 25 prestigious private universities in 1988-89. At not one school did a president earn as much as his (or her, in the lone case of Hanna H. Gray of the University of Chicago) professors of surgery, neurobiology, ophthalmology and the like.

In the case of Johns Hopkins University, President Steven Muller earned $225,469, according to the Chronicle. The five highest-paid employees were Ronald G. Michels, professor of ophthalmology, $481,000; Donlin M. Long, chairman of neurosurgery, $288,000; Bruce A. Reitz, professor of cardiac surgery, $287,000, A. Edward Maumenee, professor of ophthalmology, $281,000; and Patrick C. Walsh, director of urology, $273,000.

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