Sewer Contract Ok'd

March 03, 1991

MANCHESTER — A $1.37 million contract to build new pumping stations and sewer lines in the town's sewage treatment plant expansion was awarded to a Pennsylvania firm Wednesday.

In a vote Wednesday, the town council gave the contract to Conewago Contractors Inc. of Hanover. Four members approved and Councilman Geoff Black abstained.

Conewago was the sole bidder for that portion of the $11 million expansion project, and there was concern that Conewago did not meet requirements calling for active solicitation of minority subcontractors.

Black told the council that Conewago noted on about half of itscontact sheets that it left messages that were not returned by minority subcontractors.

Conewago was required under state law to solicit minority-owned subcontractors.

State and federal financing covers about 97 percent of the total project, which will expand and upgrade the treatment plant from 250,000 to 500,000 gallons a day.

Alsoat Wednesday's meeting, the council approved a contract with BPR Inc. of Manchester to


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