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March 01, 1991|By The following accounts were compiled by reporter Richard Irwin from police records in the Baltimore area yesterday and today.

Baltimore City

ROBBERY/ARREST: Central District -- State security officers assigned to the State Office Building yesterday afternoon arrested a man in connection with the robbery of a woman as she walked in the 200 block of W. Lanvale St. near the office complex. Police said Barbara Stolarz, of the 1300 block of Eutaw Place, was walking in the 200 block of W. Lanvale St. shortly after 4 p.m. when she was approached from the rear by a man who stole the purse she was carrying on her shoulder. Police said the man was running past one of the sate buildings when he was chased and captured by a security officer. Police said the man, Benjamin Carter, of the 100 block of Colvin St., was turned over to city police and charged with assault and unarmed robbery.

ROBBERY: Southwestern District -- Anthony Powell, of the 1700 block of Poplar Grove St., reported he was in the 2100 block of Longwood St. when he was stopped by a man armed with a handgun who ordered him to give up his money. Police said the gunman fled with cash and property, all valued at more than $400.

ROBBERY TRY: Southwestern District -- Police reported an employee at the Dunkin' Donuts prevented a robbery early Wednesday morning when she pressed the holdup alarm button after a man gave her a note demanding money. Police said a man in his late teens or early 20s entered the shop in the 2300 block of Wilkens Ave. and gave an employee standing behind the counter a note demanding money from the cash register. Instead of complying, police said the employee hit the holdup button and immediately fled into a rear room. Police said the man escaped by the time several officers arrived.

ROBBERY: Southwestern District -- Johnny Wilkens, of the 2100 block of Poplar Grove St., reported he was standing at a bus stop in the 3200 block of W. North Ave. when he was approached by a man who demanded his money. Police said Wilkens gave the man a small sum of cash.

BANK BURGLARY: Southwestern District -- Police reported that someone entered the Provident Bank of Maryland in the 4500 block of Edmondson Ave. by opening the front door with a key and removed a small sum of cash. Police said about $100 in cash was removed from a drawer and that the thief apparently left the same way he came in.

ASSAULT: Western District -- Police today issued a warrant for a man charging him with the aggravated assault of Lisa Strange, of the 1500 block of Woodyear St., during an incident at her home yesterday. Police said that during the incident the man reportedly attacked Strange with a knife, bit her, and struck her with his fists. Police said Strange was taken to Bon Secours Hospital for treatment and released. Police said Raymond Price, of the 900 block of E. Preston St., is being sought in connection with the incident.

ROBBERY: Central District -- Edward Butler, of the 700 block of Newington Ave. in Reservoir Hill, reported he was walking in the 2400 block of Lakeview Ave. late last night when he was stopped by a man armed with a handgun who placed the weapon in his face and demanded his car. Police said the gunman drove off with Butler's 1984 Ford.

THEFT: Northeastern District -- An employee of the Acme Ladder Co. in the 3000 block of S. Hanover St. reported that someone removed several sections of scaffolding that was being used while repairs were done to St. Bernard's Church in the 900 block of Gorsuch Ave. Police said the value of the scaffolding was not immediately known.

ROBBERY: Northeastern District -- Robert Dutton, of the 3000 block of Brendan Ave., reported he was walking near his home Wednesday afternoon when he was approached from the rear by a man who struck him over the head and robbed him of his wallet. Later, police recovered Dutton's wallet but have not made an arrest in the case.

ARREST: Northeastern District -- Police responding to the K mart store in the 5100 block of Sinclair Lane Wednesday arrested a teen-ager who attempted to leave the store without paying for a watch valued at nearly $25. Police said the youth was charged with being delinquent and was released into the custody of his parents pending action by juvenile authorities. Later, police returned to the same store and arrested a woman who tried to leave the store without paying for merchandise valued at more than $80. Police said the woman was taken to the Women's Detention Center at the Central District and held pending formal charges and a bail hearing.

THEFT: Northeastern District -- Employees of Hobbit's liquors in the 4500 block of Bowleys Lane reported that a man entered their business, walked behind the counter and removed $50 from the cash register.

BURGLARY: Northeastern District -- A resident of the 3700 block of Evergreen Ave., reported that someone broke into his home by forcing the basement door and removed a VCR, a cam-corder, several pieces of jewelry and a leather jacket. Police said the property was valued at more than $1,400.

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