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February 26, 1991|By The following accounts were compiled by reporter Richard Irwin from police records in the Baltimore area yesterday and today.

Baltimore City

ASSAULT ON POLICE: Eastern District -- Police today charged a 22-year-old man with attempting to kill two police officers after they spotted him running down a street with a gun in his hand. Police said Officers Steven Nalewajko and Paul McClean, both of the Southeastern District, were in plain clothes and driving back to the station after working a robbery detail when they spotted a man with a gun running in the 1400 block of E. North Ave. Police said that when Nalewajko got out of the unmarked car and identified himself as an officer, the man fired a shot at him but missed. Police said Nalewajko and McClean pursued the man to the 1900 block of Harford Road, where the man turned and fired at least once more at the officers. Police said Nalewajko then fired four rounds from his service revolver, all of which missed the gunman. Police said that, with the officers in pursuit, the man ran into a garage in the 1300 block of E. 20th St., causing three mechanics to flee into an office. With his escape route cut off, the man surrendered to police after more than an hour. Police said Kevin McNeil, of the 1700 block of E. Oliver St., was charged with two counts of attempted murder, using a handgun in the commission of a felony and related charges. Police said McNeil was held overnight at the station lockup pending a bail hearing today in District Court.

THEFT: Northeastern District -- Tracy Moody, of the 5000 block of Crenshaw Ave., told police that someone entered her home yesterday and took her purse from inside the oven. She told police the purse contained more than $800 in cash. Moody told police she believes a man who she knows took the purse. Police said she was advised to seek a warrant for the man's arrest.

ASSAULT: Northern District -- Jerry Knox, 28, of the 700 block of Cator Ave., told police that a man attacked him at his home earlier this month, and he suffered serious injuries. Police said Knox was admitted to the Shock-Trauma Unit in Baltimore and only recently was able to give police a report of what occurred. They said no arrest has been made.

BURGLARY: Northern District -- A resident of the 3900 block of Greenway reported that someone broke into her home by forcing the front door and stole jewelry valued at more than $1,000.

ROBBERY: Northern District -- Martha Gurek, of the 6100 block of Macbeth Drive, told police that while she was in the 900 block of E. Lake Ave. yesterday afternoon, a man stole her purse containing cash and property, all valued at nearly $50.

ROBBERY: Northern District -- Police reported that Steven Williams, of the 8400 block of Bellona Ave., was in the 5600 block of York Road shortly before 10 p.m. yesterday when he was stopped by two men, one with a handgun, who forced him to give up his money. Police said the men fled with about $100 in cash.

ROBBERY: Northern District -- Employees of Hansen's Deli, in the 4300 block of Falls Road, reported that a man entered the store shortly before 9:30 p.m. yesterday and forced one of them to open the cash register while pointing a rifle at them. Police said the gunman escaped with nearly $300.

CHURCH BURGLARY: Northwestern District -- Officials of Trinity Apostolic Holiness Church, in the 3600 block of Rogers Ave., reported that someone broke into the building through a front window Sunday morning. It was not immediately known what, if any, property was taken.

ROBBERY: Northwestern District -- David Flemmon, of the 3700 block of Springdale Ave., reported he was near his home early Sunday when he was attacked by several youths who struck him with pieces of wood and robbed him of more than $80 in cash.

ROBBERY: Northwestern District -- George Thomas, of the 5000 block of Queensberry Ave., told police he was robbed of more than $200 in cash and property by a man with a handgun who accosted him as he walked in the 3100 block of Spaulding Ave. early Sunday.

BURGLARY: Northwestern District -- A resident of the 4000 block of W. Garrison Ave. reported that someone broke into his home through a rear window and removed property valued at nearly $2,000 over the weekend.

ROBBERY: Northwestern District -- Police reported that a man entered the office of Easy Self Storage, in the 5800 block of Reisterstown Road, Sunday and threatened an employee while demanding money. Police said the man escaped with less than $100.

CHURCH BURGLARY: Northwestern District -- Police reported that someone broke into the Mount Zion Apostolic Faith Church of Jesus Christ, in the 5500 block of Liberty Heights Ave., over the weekend through a rear window. Police, however, said it was not immediately known what property may have been removed and that members were to take an inventory.

BURGLARY: Western District -- A resident of the 2000 block of Clifton Ave. reported someone broke into her home through the kitchen window and removed a TV and a VCR, all valued at nearly $500.

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