Science Center Gets Grant

February 24, 1991

The Carroll County Public Schools announced that the Hands-On Elementary Science Dissemination Center has received an $85,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

The center, operated by Hood College in Frederick, distributes the county Hands-On Elementary ScienceProgram throughout the United States.

The science program, developed by Carroll teachers, has won numerous awards and has been adopted by 970 schools in 35 states.

"Thisprogram has become a major influence in elementary science educationat the national level," said Wood. "Carroll County teacher-authors find it hard to believe that their curriculum has had such wide and significant impact across the country."

During the early years of the program's development, Hood College science education staff worked with county educators as consultants and workshop leaders.

Hood's faculty has provided workshop instruction to every first- through fifth-grade teacher in the county.

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