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Max, Baldy And Leslie Rise From Fontaine Bleu Canvas


February 24, 1991|By Pat O'Malley

"It might happen this summer," said Kisner.

If you know Max, don't bet against his persistence. The guy has been through the wringer, but keeps getting back up off the deck.

Meanwhile, Baldy More, the infamous PR man, and Leslie Glass, the original ringcard girl at La Fontaine Bleu who made it big time in Vegas, Atlantic City and in Playboy magazine, are doing well.

More is helping pro wrassler Pretty Boy Larry Sharp plan a "Monster Factory" for would-be wrasslers somewhere in the Glen Burnie area. Baldy and Pretty Boy have a couple of sites in mind and hope to open a training center soon.

"As you know, Pretty Boy has aMonster Factory in New Jersey where he trains guys who want to become professional wrestlers," said More, who is with the Corporate Image Co., acting as a consultant among other things.

"He wants to open up a Monster Factory for men and women in the Glen Burnie-Pasadena area. He hopes to do it in a couple months."

More, the alias ChuckDomm took on to represent his shaved head and the city of Baltimore he loves so dearly, said plans are in the works for a monthly wrestling exhibition for amateurs.

"I'm storing the ring we used at La Fontaine Bleu for Pretty Boy's dad, Augie Weil," said Baldy. "Augie supplies rings all over the East and Max and I gave him the Ringmaster Award at one of the shows a couple years ago."

As for Glass, who moved on from La Fontaine Bleu to national commercials for Donald Trumpand others, she has established herself as the ringcard girl.

Such pro fighters as Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard and George Foreman have used Glass as their exclusive ringcard girl in Vegas and Atlantic City.

"And Playboy just flew me out to Chicago a couple weeks ago to do a four-page spread of me as the Roundcard Girl," Glass said on Friday. "It's supposed to appear some time in the fall or around Christmas."

Glass said she may retire after the Playboy spread and settle down with a Baltimorean whom she says is a "young man with a bright future." But in the meantime she's keeping busy holding up those numbers and working as national model for Merry-Go-Round clothes.

She worked the recent Leonard-Terry Norris fiasco, and will be doing the Foreman-Holyfield world heavyweight championship bout in April in Donald Trump's Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.

"They made me roundcardgirl at the Taj Mahal and I've gotten to know Trump, Sylvester Stallone, people like that," said Glass, who added that she misses the shows at La Fontaine Bleu.

"You tell everybody there I miss them and that will always be my favorite place to work. I never did it for themoney, but because I had a lot of friends there."

Finally, there is one other person who used to be involved with the old shows and that's Jerry Crown. Crown was the guy running around with the cameras videotaping everything and running Crown Video in Severna Park.

Crown is not videotaping boxing shows anymore, but he still lives in Severna Park and is an editing manager with ABC News in Washington. He held a similar position years ago with CBS before branching out on hisown, but is now back in the network news business.

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