Pta Members Invited To Talk With Legislators

Readers write

February 24, 1991

From: Carolyn Roeding

Council president

Anne Arundel County PTAs

All PTA members are invited to attendMaryland PTA's annual meeting with the members of the General Assembly.

Last year, over 75 local PTA and Council PTA members attended.The enthusiastic "give and take" discussions reminded them that PTA does monitor the bills and their positions on them to ensure equity and quality of care and education for all children.

Although funding is the major worry for this session, we must continue to remind them that child protection and education issues are equally important.

Call Wanda at the MCPT office to give an approximate number of PTA attendees so that packets will be available (685-0865).

To ensure the attendance of your own delegates and senator, call (800) 492-7122.


From: Margaretta G. Bruce

Riviera Beach

Thank you, legislators, for SHAMING the beautiful state of Maryland with the label of the "Most Liberal Abortion Bill in the Country."

Maryland . . . the colony which was founded on religion, more than any other. The home of the first Catholic church in America. The state which prided itself on having the toughest divorce laws in the country because of our strong belief in home and family.

I pity you poor souls who, so you say, felt one way "in yourheart" but had to vote another way.

I know how I'm going to "feelin my heart," when it comes time for your re-election. Be assured, if you don't get kicked out at the polls, you will at the "pearly gates."


From: Julie Jabaay


I am writing to thank you for the interesting and encouraging article in the Feb. 17 Anne Arundel County Sun, entitled "Bucking stereotype, some teen dads take to parenting," by Elise Armacost.

It deeply saddens me that unmarried persons (particularly teen-agers)have sex. I agree with God, who designed sex for marriage partners only (I happen to be single). However, I sincerely respect the teens profiled in your article.

I respected the girls -- Danielle and Yolanda -- for not allowing their precious children, Yolanda Laneice andAnthony, to be murdered in their wombs (abortion).

I also respectthe boys -- Miles and Kenny -- for taking their parenting as a responsibility and a privilege. It takes courage, love and strength to "dothe right thing."

God bless y'all.


From: Harry S. Valentine


As the pro-abortion "freight train" steams through the Maryland legislature, it is time to reflect on what we are allowing to be done to the state of Maryland and to ourselves. By officially sanctioning what would be the most liberal abortion law in the nation, we are telling the world thatthe citizens of our state condone the unfettered destruction of human life in the womb.

History is replete with examples of nations which degenerated into abortion and child sacrifice to appease their gods and which no longer exist because of these practices. Personal freedom at the expense of unborn children is fast becoming a "god" in this country, and its continued "worship" will lead the United States into the same oblivion as past civilizations.

The legislature is allowing pressure from self-serving and shortsighted interests to "railroad" it into doing something for which we will all suffer in the future. Don't allow the leadership, and dubious private interests, to dosomething for which we or our children will suffer.


From: Lennis C. Vogelsang


On Monday, the 18th of February, I tried to reach either Delegate JoanCadden or (Ray) Huff at 841-3217 from 10:40 until 11:40 a.m. The phone either rang without answer or answered busy. This does not inspirea voter who wishes to express an opinion with confidence.

Since these are our representatives in this area, we were trying to reach them to let them know voters' views in this area. Was this a deliberateattempt to remain ignorant of voters' opinions? It seems true. Legislators are always claiming that we do not inform them of our views onissues before the Assembly. How can you inform representatives (and I use that term loosely) if they refuse to listen to the voice of thepeople?

Mr. Huff wrote me a beautifully worded letter in which hedeclared himself to be a Christian. Considering Bill (SB) 162, all Ican say is, "Really?"


From: H. Richard Williamson

Glen Burnie

The purpose of thisletter is to express my sincere belief as to why Phillip Bissett deserves the opportunity to represent the citizens of District 30. Like many of the citizens in Anne Arundel County, I too mourn the death ofDr. Aris Allen. He was a wonderful and very talented person and our community has suffered a great loss. Dr. Allen was elected to the General Assembly by over 16,000 votes last November and he deserved the right to represent District 30.

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