It's All Or Nothing

February 24, 1991

The improvements to Arters Mill Road -- a 2.6-mile unpaved country thoroughfare -- are going to be all or nothing, the commissioners learned last week.

The county had hoped to repave and bring up to highway standards the road, all at a cost of $1.5 million. However, about40 residents came out to a public meeting last month to complain that to do so would spoil the rural atmosphere along the road.

County staff oppose reducing the project's scope, saying that notbuilding the road to accepted standards would put the county at riskin the case of accidents.

County commissioners are in no hurry torush the project, and Commissioner Vice President Elmer C. Lippy Jr.said that if area residents prefer to leave the road as it is, then that is what the county should do.

The road runs north to south from Route 97 to Mayberry Road.

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