Teddy Bears To Hug (but These Are Wild!)

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Stuffed Animals Are Dressedup For Success

February 21, 1991|By Joni Guhne

Last week at Chesapeake Academy, it was time for teddy bears on parade. Every student, from the little 3-year-olds to the big fifth-graders, came to school accompanied by his or her favorite stuffed companion, each bear to be admired and then judged on its costume.

Judges Joan Gunby, Claudia Smith, Cathy Quinn and Mary Lou Bennett and former headmistress Louise Sivy faced the challenge of more than 100 cute and cuddly teddy bears. But they persevered and prizes were awarded for the scariest, the funniest, the most creative, the cutest, the best Valentine bear, the best President's Day bear, and the one that looked most like a faculty member. (That one is still standing in thecorner).

Best in Show went to the teddy belonging to first-grader JenniferJorden; Best in Show, prep-school (3-year-olds to kindergarten) wentto 4-year-old Jonathan Stepanuk. The coveted Headmistress Award wentto Mr. Bear, owned by first-grader Marcos Salaverria; Headmistress Award, prep-school, went to kindergartner Shanna Hansen.

Afterward, the teddy bears had a picnic.


The new Greater Severna Park Business Guide 1991 is now available in local stores. Produced by the Greater Severna Park Chamber of Commerce, the guide is the first of its kind in the Park.

Published by Bay Media, the 32-page directoryis illustrated with photographs by Diana Elliott Early and filled with information about hundreds of area businesses. Advertising revenuefrom the project will be used to expand chamber programs.


The opening of a new business, indicates confidence in the economy of ourcommunity.

If you've been out and about early in the morning lately you may have noticed folks who seem to have the situation in hand -- a cup of hot, fragrant coffee in one hand and a fresh, fat muffin in the other. These people have just come from the new Park Gourmet on Benfield Road.

At lunch time, the people you notice munching on those custom-made, deli sandwiches have also stopped by the Park Gourmet. The soup eaters are in and out all day long.

Owner of the shop and a 14-year Park resident, Joyce Strickler, says these items are just the tip of the iceberg. In the bright and cheerful store, in thespace formerly occupied by Maryland National Bank, shelves and casesare filled with a variety of food: ingredients for the custom-made sandwiches, soups, gourmet cheeses, deli meats, coffee, tea, spices and fresh-baked desserts.

The store's hours make it possible to satisfy your hunger morning till night, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. six days a week. The business is closed on Sunday.

The staff is ready to fill orders for gift baskets, party trays and catering.

Strickler, the former owner of Treats and Sweets in the Market House in Annapolis, hasachieved a homey atmosphere in her new store with the use of wood and brass and unusual accent pieces such as the jelly cabinet and corner cabinets used as display centers.

Joyce lives in Berrywood with her husband, Charles. The couple has two sons, Scott and Craig.


Since the county school board has reduced financial support for after-school activities, this economic crunch has hit close to home.

The Severna Park High School Marching Band is now expected to pay for custodial and kitchen help, room rent for after-school practices, programs and competitions. This has caused a critical budget shortage that may affect the futureof this championship band, composed of students who devote most of their extracurricular time to their music.

Tohelp alleviate the problem there is an emergency submarine sandwich sale planned for this Saturday, Feb. 23. The subs are freshly made the morning of the sale and are always delicious, but this time everyone in the entire community needs to place several orders.

To place your order, call 544-0493, 647-7459 or 987-9232.


Congratulations to the Severna Park Jaycees, whose membership has grown in the lastmonth to a healthy 64. Added to the club roster are: Chris and Barbara Boland, Leanne Cullember, Tom Horst, Stephen James, Eva Kiriazoglou, Doug McGettigan and Richard Pritzlaff.

President Fred Wood doesn't like to take all the credit for the increased membership, but he did promise to take anyone joining the club out to dinner on Valentine's Day at the Chartwell Country Club. Hmmm. This man also thinks Presidents Day was in honor of George, Abe and Fred. Maybe the rest of you active, young adults who don't belong to Jaycees had better get over to the Jaycee Community Center to see what's going on.

If you need to know anything else, call Ron Cook at 544- 3944.


But back to those fat, yummy muffins and deluxe, deli sandwiches. If you're all too familiar with these dietary treats, maybe it's time to considertaking a fitness class.

The Severna Park YMCA begins its next session of fitness classes this Monday, Feb. 25. The programs are scheduled from early morning until evening, Monday through Saturday, and baby-sitting is available during most morning and evening classes.

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