For casualty information PERSIAN GULF SHOWDOWN

February 20, 1991

The Pentagon has set up special, 24-hour telephone lines to be used by relatives of military personnel seeking information about the status of family members stationed in the Persian Gulf.

Here are the numbers, by service:

* Army 1-800-626-1440* Marines 1-800-523-2694

* Air Force 1-800-253-9276 * Coast Guard 1-800-367-8724

* Navy (immediate family members) 1-800-255-3808

* Navy (other relatives and friends) 1-800-732-1206

Callers will be asked for the spelling of the service member's last name. They should also provide as much information as possible about rank, Social Security number and military unit. Pentagon officials said the phone numbers may often be busy.

Members of the immediate family may contact local Red Cross chapters to send emergency messages.

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