Q: That's an enchanting shade of green they've picked to...

Stadium Doctor

February 17, 1991

Q: That's an enchanting shade of green they've picked to paint many of the steel girders, but I'm not crazy about parts that are rusty and seemingly a tetanus threat. Is this a deliberate attempt at color uncoordination?

A: In a word, yes. Only the girders that will be exposed when the ballpark is finished have been painted. This achieves two things. The steel looks nice. And it lasts. After they are sandblasted, painted with a rust-resistant primer and sprayed with an acrylic coat, the finish is supposed to last 15 years, or until Cal Ripken misses consecutive games.

The rusty girders are just as they should be. Those sections will be encased in concrete, so they don't have to look nice. Before they get concrete shoes, they also are sprayed with a fireproofing gook that adheres better to rust than to rustproof paint.

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