Kids, call SUNDIAL with war questions

February 12, 1991

If you are an upper-elementary or middle school student who has questions about the Persian Gulf War, we would like to hear from you this week.

With help from SUNDIAL, the telephone information service of The Baltimore Sun, we have set up a special "electronic mailbox" for your questions. On Thursday, Feb. 21, we'll answer an array of them in "The War and You II," a sequel to our student's guide to the Persian Gulf War.

To leave your question call SUNDIAL at 783-1800 (or 268-7736 in Anne Arundel County) any time between today and midnight Thursday. SUNDIAL is a local call in the Baltimore area.

After you hear a greeting, you'll be asked to enter Category 4610, a four-digit code on your touch-tone phone. You'll have 60 seconds to leave your question, plus your name, age, grade, school and a phone number where you can be reached when you and a parent are home.

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