Gordon Speaks Mind

February 10, 1991

Unsuccessful County Commissioner candidate Peggy T. Gordon and her husband Irvin met with Commissioner President Donald I. Dell and Vice President Elmer C. Lippy Jr. last week in what was a rare half-hour session with citizens.

The Gordons -- who have had a string of zoning-related lawsuits with the county over the past 14 years -- talked to the commissioners Thursday, expressing dismay with the county's zoning laws.

They also wanted to protest the county's charging South Carroll residents for new water meters, even though the county is not installing them.

After the meeting -- which at times angered the Gordons and Robert A. "Max" Bair, the commissioners' executive assistant -- Lippy said some of the discussion was useful.

Before the meeting, however, both Dell and Lippy expressed reservations at the meeting, saying that they had hoped the time would end up well spent.

The Gordons live in Sykesville.

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