Gouge Resumes Meetings With An Audience Of Three

February 10, 1991|By Staff report

After a week of out-of-town meetings, Commissioner Julia W. Gouge resumed her regular schedule of monthly public meetings Friday.

The public meetings -- instituted a little more than a year ago in a moveto become more accessible to Carroll residents -- are meant to give anyone who wants to a chance to talk with Gouge.

Friday afternoon's two-hour meeting attracted three people, two of whom spoke to Gouge behind the closed doors of her third-floor office.

"I wish everybody in the county would come out for these," said Robert Neal, a Taneytown resident who was the only one to talk to Gouge in front of the press. "I think these are a very good idea."

Neal is no stranger to the commissioner -- his sludge-storage pit in Taneytown has been the subject of a lengthy lawsuit between him and the county that is now at the Court of Special Appeals level.

Gougehas said these public meetings -- another nighttime meeting is scheduled for Feb. 25 -- are a way she can bring government closer to people.

In fact, it was one of her central campaign issues this fall.

"I am a full-time commissioner with an open-door policy to CarrollCounty citizens," she wrote in her campaign literature. "I have beenthe only commissioner to hold open meetings at my office and in the communities."

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