1 Full-time Ranger Weekdays At Park

February 10, 1991

When Susquehanna State Park reopens to the public this spring, therewill be one full-time ranger at the park on weekdays and two rangerson the weekends, state Sen. William H. Amoss, D-District 35A, says.

The park was closed to the public last week for the next five months as part of a cost-cutting effort by the Forest Park and Wildlife Service, a division of the Department of Natural Resources. The closing is expected to save about $60,000, a Forest Park and Wildlife Service spokesman said.

The camping area of the park is expected to reopen in July, but fishing will still be allowed.

"I know people were really upset," said Amoss, explaining that

he expressed those concerns to DNR administrators. "For the safety and supervision you really need at least onefull-time ranger. It's pretty bad when you have the authority under the budget for nine people and you can't get one."

Most park employees have been reassigned to other state parks to resolve staffing problems created by a statewide hiring freeze.

To keep the park areaaround the Steppingstone Museum looking good, Amoss said museum volunteers would mow the grass in the area using state park equipment.

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