Teachers Union Chief To Serve As Substitute

February 08, 1991

The president of the county teachers union will be volunteering as asubstitute two days a month in county schools.

Tom Paolino requested the assignment after budget cuts forced the school system to stophiring substitutes for student activities such as field trips.

"The current budget shortfall is causing reductions in programs that have been provided by our resource teachers and teacher specialists," Paolino said in a press release. "The quality of our overall educational program is being threatened.

"Opportunities to see and participate in education-related community projects, such as field trips to the National Aquarium, provide methods for transferring textbookknowledge to reality," he said.

Paolino became full-time president of the Teachers Association in August. He has been a county teacherfor 20 years; his last position was at George Fox Middle School in Pasadena, where he taught science.

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