North Arundel Support Groups

February 03, 1991

The following support groups are sponsored by North Arundel Hospital:

* AA Intergroup -- For families of alcoholics. Information: 433-4843 and 268-5441.

* Al-Anon Adult Children Group -- Al-Anon Intergroup and Adult Children of Alcoholics. Information: 766-1984.

* Better Breathing Club -- For those with respiratory problems. Information: 1-800-638-5574.

* CHADD -- Children with Attention Deficit Disorders. For parents of children with attention deficit disorders. Information: 987-9311 or 721-5376.

* Diabetic Teaching Program -- Learn about diabetic treatments and support. Information: 787-4367.

*Ostomy Association of Anne Arundel County -- For ostomates. Information: 787-4000, beeper 214.

* Psychiatric Unit Support Group -- Open to all area residents with psychiatric problems, their family and friends, or those interested in mental illness. Information: 787-4628.

* Stroke Club -- Rehabilitation and support for stroke patients. Information: 992-0468.Please trim the excess screen

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