Leg fracture signals Von Csadek's jumping off point

January 31, 1991

An injury will prevent Von Csadek, the brilliant PTC Maryland-based jumper, from running in the English Grand National in Liverpool April 6.

Although the horse showed no signs of lameness, a radiograph examination of Von Csadek's left front leg has revealed a fracture of the lateral splint bone. The fracture appears to be four to eight weeks old and will require surgical repair.

Earlier, trainer Doug Worrell was doubtful about Von Csadek's chances of running in the world famous steeplechase because of the war in the Persian Gulf and the threat of terrorism on a flight necessary to transport the horse to England.

Now the decision has been made for Worrell, who recently shipped the horse home from England after winning two races and finishing eighth in the Hennessey Gold Cup and second at Newbury Race Course on Dec. 29.

The winner of virtually every important timber steeplechase in this country before his departure to England in August, Von Csadek will continue jumping as soon as he recovers.

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