Concentration Brings Forth Big Scores


January 31, 1991|By Donald G. Vitek

Sharon Petrecca of Pasadena did exactly what she wanted to do on theduckpin lanes.

"I was able to concentrate on my spot," Petrecca said. "If I can do that, I can throw the big scores."

Big scores are what it took to win the Lady Baltimore Open Tournament at Fair Lanes Westview on Sunday. Petrecca had games of 151, 209, 140, 121 and 130 for a 751 series. That 209 was a career high.

Just how hot was Petrecca's bowling? In the Friday Quads at Greenway Bowl Glen Burnie and the Monday Quads at Fair Lanes Westview, she's averaging 119.

You got it right, she was averaging 31 pins a game over that 119 in order to win the $500 first prize in the Lady Baltimore Open.


Jim Donnelly bowls tenpins, and his concentration wasn't too bad Jan. 13. Donnelly, a resident of Pasadena, bowls in the Sunday Roller League at Bowl American Glen Burnie, where he has a 172 average.

That's not bad for bowling one night a week. It's even better for a guy who is 61 years old and has been bowling for longer than a lot of younger bowler have been alive.

Donnelly and his wife,Barbara, are originally from Oakland, Calif., but have been in the county since 1958. He is retired from the Department of Defense.

"When I first arrived in the Baltimore-Washington area I saw duckpins for the first time," Jim Donnelly said. "Frankly, they scared me to death. I stayed with tenpins."

Arthritis put an end to Barbara's bowling, but Jim hasn't stopped.

He's never had a 300 game. He's had a 640 series and a lot of fun -- but never that 300 game.

On Sunday, Jan. 13, he had his chance.

Opening the first frame with a strike, Donnelly kept piling them on: sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and the 10th, all strikes.

"I never thought of perfect game until the 10th frame," he said. "But in the 10th I got a little nervous."

In the 11th frame, Donnelly banged the 15-pound bowling ball into the pocket.

"It was probably one of the better balls in the game," he said.

If this was fiction you know that all 10 pins fly into the pit, but this is for real and all of you bowlers who never have had a 300 game know what happened.

It still was good enough for a career-high 289 game. And the thrill of Jim Donnelly's life.


Paul Barker had a little better luck than Jim Donnelly. He needed it. Barker bowls in the Monday night Continental Men's League at Greenway Bowl Odenton and at Bowl America Odenton on Tuesday nights.

On Jan. 22, after his regular league was over, Barker subbed in the late league. And he produced career-high scores for both game and series.

Barker, 22, has been bowling for only four years and has a 187 average. Heuses a 16-pound Red Hammer bowling ball. When he's not bowling he's an account manager for the Department of Defense. He lives in Glen Burnie with his wife, Mina, who has just started bowling and carries a 118 average.

After the S-Fun league was finished, Barker stayed around to sub for a friend in the late league at Bowl America Odenton.

In the first game he threw seven strikes in the first seven boxes.Then there was difficulty with the lane and he sat for 20 minutes and thought about the last five frames. To that point he had thrown theball in the pocket but in the eighth frame his foot stuck at the line and the ball crossed over. But, you got it, strike again.

"I waslucky that time," Barker said. "The mechanic was working at the foulline and must have dropped something there that I stuck on just as Ireleased the ball. On the other hand, since it was a late league there weren't a lot of people in the center and I didn't have a crowd around me watching the end of the game."

Well, they missed seeing Barker throw four more balls into the pocket for his first 300 game. And then come back with a 222 and finish with a 257 for a career-high 779 series. Maybe Barker didn't have as much luck as he thinks he did.Maybe he's just a clutch bowler.


The saga of the old beat-up, chipped, sad-looking house duckpin ball continues.

In the Carrollton Manor League at Severna Park Lanes, Bernice Cerio looked good again with a 149 game and a 387 series. She's never going to let that house ball get away from her now.

She is not the only member of theCarrollton Manor League that's bowling well. Les Cockrell had a 189 game and a 429 series while bowling with the Hanging Tough team; J. Macey had a 171 and a 403; Joe Sosnowski, 141, 403; Lee Newell, 142, 397; and Kelly Reightner, 136, 364.

The Better Late Than Never teamwas a model of consistency with games of 571, 576 and 583 for a 1730team series.

Donald G. Vitek's Bowling column appears every Thursday in The Anne Arundel County Sun. Bowlers are urged to give Dona call with scores and tidbits at 247-0850.


* Greenway Bowl Glen Burnie

Greenway Jills

Jean Gregory 144/405

Joyce DezShulnier 139/348

Liz Coburn 140/349

Wednesday Nite Quads

Jeff Edelblute 137/393

Phil Lauman 156/353

Alley Cats

Donna Michie 135/383

Lynda VanKirk 128/363

Laura Trickett 129/359

Greenway House Majors

Butch Rupert 189/491

Butch King 186/483

Pat McCarthy 175/447

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