Renaissance reporter

January 31, 1991

Ernest Hemingway once had a Rolls Royce, but he got rid of it because people kept kicking the tires and saying, "they don't make 'em like that anymore."

Threadbare as that old cliche may be, it's the perfect description for our Evening Sun colleague who takes leave of daily journalism today after more than four decades of pounding the keys: They don't make 'em like Peter Kumpa anymore. No story was too large or too small for Peter to cover with speed, accuracy and clarity that have made him a legend in his time in Baltimore journalism -- and far beyond.

But although he formally retires today, we are happy to say he will continue to write, from time to time, the column "On Maryland History" which has graced these pages for the past eight years. We are certain that his many devoted readers will welcome that continuity.

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