Who are the Iraqis? Look for a primer on Iraq through...


January 31, 1991|By Knight-Ridder News Service

Who are the Iraqis? Look for a primer on Iraq through tomorrow in the Today section.

%Women in Iraqi society By no means emancipated by American standards, Iraqi women have more freedom than their Saudi sisters. Women can drive and go to clubs and dances. In the cities, women are seen in Western-style clothes. The veil is worn in the more traditional, rural areas.

About 10 percent of the work force is women. They include teachers, physicians, pharmacists and factory workers. Labor laws include equal pay, paid maternity leave and child-care at the workplace.

In the more personal domains of marriage and family, men still dominate. Half of all marriages are arranged. The government encourages large families because the country lost so many men in its war with Iran. So standard birth-control devices -- pills and IUDs -- have been removed from the market. Abortion is virtually nonexistent.



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