Skiing on the mommy trackWhen Ulrike Maier won the...

Off the beat

January 30, 1991

Skiing on the mommy track

When Ulrike Maier won the super-giant slalom race yesterday in Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Austria, she gave small thanks.

That's small as in her 17-month-old daughter, Melanie.

After successfully defending the super-G crown she won two years ago in Colorado, Ulrike Maier gave all the credit to Melanie, who played with a doll during the competition.

"Having a daughter is a major motivational factor," said Maier, an Austrian who was three months pregnant when she last won a title in 1989. "In a few years, my daughter will be very proud of me. I had her with me at Vail, and today I had her in the finish area so I would get there faster."

What was Melanie's reaction? She was too busy playing with a doll to speak with reporters.

Good hands

Ron Bunofsky, a 6-foot-4, 255-pound offensive lineman at West Virginia, was playing cards with his roommates in Morgantown when fire broke out Sunday at the residence of Ernest Wallace. Bunofsky raced to the scene to help and wound up making a big catch.

Wallace leaped from the third-floor window of the burning apartment building, and Bunofsky caught him.

"I was able to catch him under the chest, and he landed on all fours," Bunofsky said. "He was hanging out of the window, head first, and we yelled for him to wait until we could get near to try and catch him. He didn't wait and let go, and I just tried to break his fall."

Fire officials said Wallace could have been killed by the fall if Bunofsky had not been there.

With hands like that, maybe Bunofsky should try tight end.

The quote

National Basketball Association journeyman Paul Mokeski, who recently signed a 10-day contract to play with the Golden State Warriors, on what he was doing before that: "I spent all my time sticking pins into the big men of the NBA."

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