January 30, 1991



The number of firms seeking to move to Carroll County dropped by almost 30 percent last year.

Figures released during last week's Economic Development Commission meeting showed that 82 firms, down from 115 in 1989, were considering such a move.

Of the 82, 65 were out-of-town firms looking to move. The remaining 17 were Carroll businesses interested in expanding or relocating within the county.

In 1989, according to William E. Jenne, a business and industrial representative with the county's Department of Economic Development, the 115 prospects resulted in about 15 actual dealsfor development.

At that rate, last year's 82 prospects would have yielded 10 deals.


Carroll County and the rest of the Baltimore region will be promoted to businesses across the country in a new effort spearheaded by the Greater Baltimore Committee.

The GBC, in a presentation to the county's Economic Development Commission, is starting a two-pronged marketing program designed to lure other companies into the Baltimore market.

That market, which includes Carroll, Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Howard and Harford counties and Baltimore, is the nation's 15th largest.

The marketing effort will go after four types of businesses: medicine and biotechnology,regional headquarters, federal agencies, and environmental and recycling companies.

The GBC expects to sell Carroll primarily to recycling and environmental firms and to biotechnology and medical companies in an effort to spur light manufacturing here.

In addition to luring companies from other markets, the GBC wants to educate people here as to the existing business climate.

"We want to do more than make people proud of where they live," said Mary Rowley, the GBC's regional marketing director. "We want to make them tell others of what we have to offer here.

The new marketing push costs Carroll Countyabout $2,000, said James C. Threatte, director of the county's economic and community development department.



WESTMINSTER -- The Board of Zoning Appeals of Carroll County has given approval for a conditional use for a professional office for counseling by Jill L. Maynes at her residence, 6402 Taper Court, Sykesville.

Maynes, a licensed certified social worker, understood before buying the property that a counseling office could be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the community association and allowable in the county without particular authorization.

The board also noted that her clients do not include individuals who are dependent upon controlled substances. No sign has been erected for the office and one is not proposed.

One owner and resident of anadjacent property did oppose the office, citing traffic safety and problems in the cul-de-sac and diminished privacy of residents.

Theboard found, however, that counseling for individuals, couples or families would not unduly affect the neighborhood.



HANOVER, Pa. -- John V. Wilcox, presidentand chief executive officer of Hanover Bancorp Inc., announced that the Bank of Hanover's earnings increased 5.95 percent from $2,639,000Dec. 31, 1989, to a record high of $2,796,000 Dec. 31, 1990.

Earnings for the fourth quarter of 1990 were $655,000, a 4.8 percent decrease from fourth-quarter 1989 earnings of $688,000.

Total assets as of Dec. 31, 1990, were at a record high of $246,099,000, up 9.8 percent from Dec. 31, 1989's total of $224,103,000.

Earnings per share for Dec. 31, 1990, were $2.35, an increase of 6.33 percent comparedto $2.21 Dec. 31, 1989.

The Board of Directors, on Dec. 21, 1990,declared a regular quarterly cash dividend of 20 cents per share to shareholders of record as of Jan. 11, 1991.

Bank of Hanover & Trust Co., the sole subsidiary of Hanover Bancorp Inc., was founded in 1835. The corporation has seven offices in Hanover, New Oxford and Wellsville, and a loan office in Westminster.



WESTMINSTER -- Gina E. Graham recently joined Washington Heights Pharmacy as a staff pharmacist.

Before joining the company, she was a pharmacy technician at Giant Pharmacy and People's Drug Stores. Graham completed pharmacy externships at Mercy Medical Center, Rite Aid and Medical Arts Pharmacy.

She received a bachelor of pharmacy degree in May 1990 from the University of Maryland at Baltimore School of Pharmacy and has a bachelor of arts in biologyfrom Western Maryland College.



WESTMINSTER -- A proposed change in the city code would allow owners of taxicab companies to apply for taxicab licenses for cabsowned by their drivers.

In the past, most cab companies owned their vehicles and simply hired drivers. But more and more cab companiesare hiring drivers who own their own vehicles.

The proposed ordinance, introduced Monday night by the City Council, would expand the code to allow such applications, provided the license applicant has a written agreement with the registered owner of the vehicle.

Currently, city cab permits are limited to owners of the vehicles.

The council is scheduled to act on the proposed measure at its Feb. 11 meeting at City Hall.

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