Rumors Of Abend's Retirement Greatly Exaggerated


January 30, 1991|By Pat O'Malley

Those "Q's & A's" have been rolling in on the 24-Hour Sportsline, 647-2499, but I've got something to fill you in on before jumping into the barrel of "Qs."

With the spring sports season of lacrosse, baseball and softball just around the corner, I want you to know that despite recent reports out of Archbishop Spalding that Bob Abend had "retired" as lacrosse coach, it ain't so.

"Friends were congratulating me on my retirement after it was announced that I wouldn't be back at Spalding as lacrosse coach, and they kept telling me they hoped I would enjoy my retirement," said the 57-year-old Abend.

Abend was The Anne Arundel County Sun's Boys Lacrosse Coach of the Year in 1988 when he led the Cavaliers from 0-16 to an overall 13-4 record and the Maryland Scholastic Association B Conference final in his third year.

"I want everybody to know thatI have not retired and I don't know why Domenic (Pachence, Spalding's athletic director who made the announcement) said that."

This past fall, Abend was an assistant frosh-soph football coach at Mount St. Joseph High and ran a frosh-soph fall lacrosse program as well.

Abend will be the Gaels' frosh-soph head lacrosse coach in the spring and is really excited about it.

"I sure am, because I left a BConference position for the A Conference and a great school," said asomewhat bitter Abend, who feels he was forced out at Spalding, but who "doesn't want to make waves because I loved coaching those kids at Spalding."

Abend completed his fifth year at Spalding this pastspring.

A longtime youth sports coach in Brooklyn Park and with the Andover Apaches, Abend most surely will be steering area players who don't want to attend public high school to St. Joe in Irvington, which is near Catonsville in Baltimore County.

Now to the Q's:

* Didn't the Annapolis High Pep Band do a marvelous job playing the National Anthem before the Dunbar at Annapolis boys basketball game on Saturday, Jan. 19?

And wasn't that a nice touch by Annapolis athletic director Fred Stauffer to have a moment of silence before the Dunbar game for our troops in the Persian Gulf?

* Guess who was in town last week to visit Annapolis girls basketball coach Teresa Ross? You've got it, her dad, Bobby Ross, coach of the unbeaten Georgia Tech football team that finished No. 1 in the nation in the UPI Coaches Poll.

Bobby Ross slipped into the Cap City rather quietly and surprised his daughter by visiting one of her practices. Bobby was inthe area recruiting at DeMatha High in Hyattsville.

* How about this quote from Spalding boys hoop coach Lee Dove after his Cavs defeated Beth Tfiloh of Baltimore, 66-54, last week?

"We could have run up the score, but we didn't see the need," said Dove.

Should there ever be a need, Lee?

* Most of you who read this column on aregular basis know I deplore running up scores, but after the Annapolis wrestling team destroyed Glen Burnie recently 72-0, I am convinced that wrestling is the only high school sport in which you can't avoid running up a score.

Certainly you can't tell a grappler going one-on-one against a foe to give it up and be pinned on his back to keep the score down. And you can't throw an inexperienced kid out on the mat and risk injury on the possibility of losing a bout to keep the score down, either.

No, there really is no way except for absolute surrender to keep a wrestling score from going through the ceiling.

* I've always been amazed about some of the rules in several sports that the county Rec and Parks Department comes up with, but please, guys, explain the reasoning for not having three-point shots in 10-12 basketball? We use it on every older level, and it is most definitely a tougher achievement for that age group than 12-14, 14-16 or high school.

And please, don't give me the excuse that it would be too tough a call for the refs at that level. If those officiating 10-12 basketball can't keep up with those kids, they ought to turn in their whistles.

* From what I have observed in youth basketball over the past few weeks, Golden Triangle commissioner Ron Smith has some very good refs out there in guys like Bob Bush Sr., Art Stowe and Gordon March.

Remember last week when I said that youth officialslove to blow the whistle for walking much too strictly and sometimesdon't let the kids play?

Well, I kept count at a 10-12 game Saturday and walking was called 13 times on the two teams. What do you think, is that too much?

Shouldn't the refs be a little more lenient on walking, considering that the kids watch a lot more TV these days and see the pros and college stars, whom they try to imitate, get away with walking all of the time? Walking is walking, but when it's really close with the little guys, do we really have to zap 'em?

*Isn't Meade High hoop coach Butch Young going to get a really good one in Daniel Lee, an eighth-grader at MacArthur Middle School who plays for the East Glen Burnie A.C. 12-14 team?

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