Infusion Pharmacy Has Opened

January 30, 1991

WESTMINSTER — Carroll County Med-Services Inc., sister company of Carroll County General Hospital, has announced its new venture, Carroll Infusion Pharmacy, opened Monday in Suite 101 of the Billingslea Medical Building,542 Washington Road.

Carroll Infusion Pharmacy will offer state-of-the-art pharmaceutical technology backed by the professional expertise of the Carroll County General Hospital Pharmacy to provide a fullcomplement of IV supplies and equipment for home administration of home infusion medication and nutrition.

Wayne Lockard, president of the Board of Directors for Carroll County Med-Services Inc., said there is a need for such a service for patients being discharged from CCGH who require home infusion of antibiotics, chemotherapy, pain management medication or total parenteral nutrition (I.V. administered nutrition program required by some patients who are not able to be fed by mouth).

"This capability is of real value to the patient and provides them with a comfortable, reassuring environment in which to learn the task of I.V. administration and self-care," said Glenn Feroli, CCGH clinical pharmacist and director of the new venture.

"An additional benefit is the availability of the hospital's clinical pharmacy staff, who are familiar with the patients' hospital experience and circumstances to provide physician consults regarding home infusion treatment and care if needed."

Licensed by the Maryland State Board of Pharmacy, Carroll Infusion Pharmacy will provide services 24 hours, seven days a week.

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