Britain to seek funds for effort in gulf from Europe, Japan WAR IN THE GULF

January 30, 1991|By Gilbert A. Lewthwaite | Gilbert A. Lewthwaite,London Bureau of The Sun

LONDON -- Britain will open an international campaign today for more help in financing its contribution to the gulf war effort.

The British have become increasingly aware of what Prime Minister John Major called a "considerable disparity" of burden-sharing between allies.

Britain is ready to push for extra funding from other European partners, Japan and Persian Gulf nations as the cost of its 38,000-strong land, sea and air force in the combat area rises.

The decision to make a global appeal for funds was made at a meeting of the British "war cabinet" yesterday. The small group of key ministers decided it would be more profitable for Britain to make its own case for funding than to rely on some form of international sharing.

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