Who are the Iraqis? Look for a primer on Iraq through...


January 30, 1991|By Knight-Ridder News Service

Who are the Iraqis? Look for a primer on Iraq through Friday in the Today section.

CustomsPublic displays of intimacy, even between husband and wife, are a no-no. But it is common to see two women or men, including soldiers, holding hands as they walk down a street as a sign of friendship.

It's not unusual for Iraqis to be just 10 inches apart while talking; a greater distance is seen as an insult.

Flowery language -- filled with hyperbole -- is a part of a everyday speech on the social and business scene. Before an Iraqi gets down to business, he will expect to hear such compliments as "You are the light of the East."

Public nudity is unacceptable. So are pictures of men and women embracing, kissing or dancing.

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