International Pavillion changes management, entertainment focus

January 30, 1991|By Eric Siegel

The International Pavillion, the showcase nightclub that opened seven months ago on the site of what was once Blues Alley and Ethel's Place jazz clubs, has once again changed management and format, it was confirmed yesterday.

Dan Henson, development director of Struever Brothers, Eccles and Rouse, which owns the building at 1225 Cathedral St., said his company "severed the relationship" three weeks ago with the Washington-based partnership that reopened the club last July. That team had intended to book live African, Cajun, jazz and reggae acts several night a week.

Mr. Henson cited "lack of communication" as the reason for terminating the agreement, saying the club had strayed from its original concept and was headed in a "economic direction we weren't happy with."

FOR THE RECORD - The spelling of C. William Struever has been corrected for the archive database. See microfilm for original story.

Neither of the principals in the partnership, Greg Sumner and George A. Carr, could be reached for comment.

Mr. Henson said a new corporation headed by his brother and son was formed to run the club temporarily until a new restaurant/nightclub manager could be found to take over the operation.

The International Pavillion is closed weeknights and plays recorded music Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, he said. The upstairs restaurant has been closed but is expected to reopen in March.

"As a dance club, it's making it," Mr. Henson said. "Whether it can make it as a live performance club, is something we're working on."

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