Mick Jagger signed to play villain in futuristic filmIt...


January 30, 1991

Mick Jagger signed to play villain in futuristic film

It may be a long way from "Jumping Jack Flash," but rocke Mick Jagger's return to film promises to be a gas when he plays a 21st century bounty hunter in the movie "Free-Jack."

The Rolling Stones singer signed to play the villain Vacendak. "Free-Jack" will feature Emilio Estevez as a race car driver pursued by Mr. Jagger and other bounty hunters known as "bone-jackers."

Mr. Jagger has co-starred in two other major films: "Ned Kelly" and "Performance."

IRS sells Willie Nelson's ranch

Willie Nelson's 44-acre Dripping Springs ranch and house were sold yesterday for the minimum required bid of $203,840, Internal Revenue Service officials said. The property in San Marcos, Texas, included horse stables and a two-story house.

The auction was the third attempt by the IRS to sell property they seized in November from the singer-songwriter, who owes some $16.7 million in back taxes and penalties.

Winters seeks room to improvise

Jonathan Winters said he took on the role of ex-Marine Sgt. Gunny Davis in the new TV series "Davis Rules" partly because he has room to indulge his strong suit -- improvisational comedy.

"This is a playground where I was assured there would be some fun," the 65-year-old comedian said in a recent interview. "I was told by our producers that there would be little spots and areas that I'd be able to play, and perhaps leave the script momentarily."

Poets are awarded Yale prize

Donald Justice and Laura Riding Jackson have been awarded Yale University's 1991 Bollingen Prize for their poetry. The poetry prize announced Monday is awarded every two years to one or more American poets, and carries a $10,000 award.

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