Wasted ResourcesEditor: I am aware that Saddam Hussein is...


January 29, 1991

Wasted Resources

Editor: I am aware that Saddam Hussein is a madman.

But I wonder if this nation had spent the amount of money this allied war effort costs on alternative sources of energy, as proposed by President Jimmy Carter; and, had this been continued by President Ronald Reagan with sums generated for the Strategic Defense Initiative, would we then see a need to spill not just American but allied blood to eject this madman?

Already, a scenario has begun that no human being can comprehend or understand, but it is most certainly one to fear.

Michael J. Zahorchak.


Reagan's Hurrah

Editor: A hip-hip-hooray for Ronald Reagan for his stoic insistence in updating our military might.

His tenacity prepared us extraordinarily well with the highest-tech defense.

Peace be with us sooner than soon.

F. Fox Kitt.


Former Friend

Editor: Once upon a time, Saddam Hussein had no bigger friend in our government than Ronald Reagan. Interesting how silent now our former president is.

Gerald Ben Shargel.


War Support

Editor: Since August of last year when the first American troops were sent to Saudi Arabia the outpouring of support from the public has been tremendous.

Schools, churches, civic groups, veterans groups and the ordinary citizen have been sending cards, letters and packages to help boost the morale of our troops. It has truly been wonderful and has had the desired effect.

Now we are at war. That support should not stop, it is needed more than ever now. While some items may no longer be appropriate, cards and letters of support, and of course our prayers, are definitely in order.

Some people have genuine concern about this war, and in a democracy that is their right. If you are one of those, take your concerns to your elected representatives but support our troops.

They are where they are doing what those elected officials have told them they must do. So let's all continue to support our armed forces.

llan F. Grant.



Editor: Was there ever a ''popular war''? I doubt it. There were conflicts where some groups were more united than others, but I'm sure the participants and their loved ones, never, at the time, viewed it as ''popular.''

Peace is great, war is bad. No one can argue that. However, chanting this and other similar refrains, protest marches, etc., offer as a final result only news and not solutions; antagonisms and not unity as a final resolution.

If you are against something, then as an intelligent person, you must have an alternate or better solution. We all want peace over war. War is a last, terrible and final decision. Let the world hear of your plan, not street shouting. Write to Congress, don't vie for the six o'clock news tape. Let the world hear of the better solution, one that has not already been refused or ignored by the dictator of Baghdad.

Hearing none, then rally behind the dedicated men and women of the combined forces of the United Nations, and as quickly as we can, end the injustice of Iraq.

Robert J. Stuller.


Shattered Family

Editor: Randi Henderson's article,''Rebuilding A Shattered Family,'' was welcomed by those of us who have lived through a similar anguishing experience. Sadly, it is not an uncommon one.

It is only by talking and allowing us to tell our stories that even the most minute justice (if any) is served. As survivors of a similar experience, we are living daily the ''fallout'' of a dissected family.

rTC We applaud Angela M. Mattson's vigilance and courage, and our shared empathy goes to her in hopes that she heals.

Deborah L. Schofield.

Kelli Rogers-Schofield.



Editor: I mourn the passing of Margaret Long Kostritsky. This splendid lady was indeed the keystone in the development of the Maryland District Court. Her administrative genius made a clear imprint on the administration of justice in this state. Her memory lives on with all of us associated with the court.

Farewell, dear Penny.

A. Gordon Boone Jr.


First Prize

Editor: Of all the presumptuous, self-laudatory, smug groups which have been heard from over the years, those who now consider and call themselves "politically correct" assuredly take

first prize.

John O. Herrmann. Baltimore.

Taxing Flags

Editor: A recent survey I made of retail stores in Baltimore City and Baltimore County selling American and Maryland flags found they are charging sales tax on all flag purchases.

These flags are not subject to sale taxes. See exemption 11-205, quoted by the comptroller, State of Maryland Sales Tax Division. Comptroller Louis L. Goldstein served in combat as a marine in World War II and was largely responsible for enacting this exemption.

Perhaps through The Sun you could relay this important message to the general public.

Walter Salmon Jr.


The writer is flag education chairman of American Legion Kelly Post 174.

Sikhs Are Not Arabs

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