...TC Who are these people with whom we are at war? It is...


January 29, 1991|By Knight-Ridder News Service

...TC Who are these people with whom we are at war? It is difficul to generalize about 17 million people, but here, based on interviews with Arab experts, is a primer on Iraq -- the country and its people. Look for it daily in the Today section.

$ ARTS AND CULTURE Iraq has a cultured upper class with a reputation for producing the best historical research in the Arab world.

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has rewarded artists richly with houses, cars and cash. A poet may live like a millionaire. Artists and poets in Iraq help Mr. Hussein glorify himself and further his political goals.

Though the government controls TV stations, American westerns, sitcoms and game shows have been popular, including "Dallas" and "L.A. Law." American singers -- such as Michael Jackson and Madonna -- are known in Iraq, where bands often add a rock and roll beat to traditional Arab songs.



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