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January 28, 1991

Unofficial play-by-play of Super Bowl XXV between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Giants:

1-10-B13. Kelly knelt down for no gain and runs out clock.

THIRD QUARTER Norwood kickoff to New York 9, Meggett 16 return, tackled by Mueller, Gardner.

NEW YORK: 14:51.

1-10-NY25. Hostetler rolled right, incomplete pass intended for Cross. Bennett pressured Hostetler.

2-10-NY25. False start, 5-yard penalty on Kratch.

2-15-NY20. Hostetler screen pass in left flat to Meggett for 7 yards, tackled by Odomes.

3-8-NY27. Hostetler out of the shotgun, complete to Meggett over the middle for 11 yards, tackled by Odomes.

1-10-NY38. Meggett 4 run over left tackle, stopped by Bentley.

2-6-NY42. Anderson 5 run over right tackle, stopped by Talley.

3-1-NY47. Anderson 24 run on left sweep, stopped by Kelso.

1-10-B29. Carthon sweep left for 4, tackled by Wright.

2-6-B25. Meggett 16 run right side, negated by holding penalty on Bavaro.

2-15-B34. Hostetler 2 run up the middle, stopped by Wright.

3-13-B32. Hostetler out of the shotgun, complete over the middle to Ingram for 13 yards after eluding four tackles, stopped by J.Williams.

1-10-B18. Anderson 4 run over left tackle, tackled by Lodish.

2-6-B14. Meggett right end run for 2 yards, stopped by Bennett.

3-4-B12. Hostetler play-action pass to Cross in left flat for 9-yard gain, stopped by L.Smith.

1-G-B3. Anderson up the middle for 2 yards, stopped by L.Smith.

2-G-B1. Anderson 1 run over left tackle for the touchdown. Bahr kick. Time: 5:31.

* Drive: 75 yards, 14 plays.


Bahr kickoff to Buffalo 7, Edwards 33 return, stopped by Bahr.

BUFFALO: 5:21.

1-10-B40. Thomas 8 run up the middle, stopped by Jackson.

2-2-B48. Kelly 5 run up the middle, stopped by Reasons.

1-10-NY47. Thomas 2 run over right tackle, stopped by Reasons.

2-8-NY45. Kelly incomplete to Reed in left flat. Offensive interference on McKeller.

2-18-B45. Kelly incomplete to left sideline, intended for Edwards. Penalty for holding on J.Davis declined.

3-18-B45. Kelly out of the shotgun, sacked by Marshall for a loss of 7 yards.

4-25-B38. Tuten shanked 20-yard punt to right sideline.

NEW YORK: 3:42.

1-10-NY42. Hostetler rolled left, complete to Cross for 10 yards in left flat, tackled by Odomes.

1-10-B48. Hostetler incomplete pass, intended for Baker, right sideline. 5-yard defensive holding penalty on Odomes.

1-10-B43. Anderson stopped for no gain, stopped by Conlan.

2-10-B43. Hostetler rolled left, pressured out of bounds for 1-yard loss by Wright, who was credited with a sack.

3-11-B44. Hostetler 9 pass to Ingram on the left sideline, tackled by L.Smith.

4-2-B35. Anderson stopped by B.Smith for loss of 2 yards. New York turned ball over on downs.

BUFFALO: 1:19.

1-10-B37. Kelly complete to Thomas in left flat for 8 yards, tackled by Johnson.

2-1-B46. Kelly screen pass for 4 yards complete to Davis, stopped by Reasons.

1-10-50. Kelly out of shotgun, complete to Davis for 19 yards, stopped by Reasons.


FOURTH QUARTER 1-10-NY31. Kelly out of the shotgun, delayed draw by Thomas up the middle for 31 yards and a touchdown. Thomas eluded tackles by Reasons and Guyton. Norwood kick. Time: :08.

) Drive: 63 yards, 4 plays.


BUFFALO 19, NEW YORK 17 Norwood kickoff to New York 13, Meggett 10 return, tackled by Mueller.

NEW YORK: 14:43.

1-10-NY23. Anderson draw over left tackle for 3 yards, tackled by Seals and Wright.

2-7-NY26. Hostetler incomplete pass down right sideline, overthrew Ingram. Hostetler pressured by Wright.

3-7-NY26. Hostetler out of shotgun, complete to right sideline and Bavaro for 16 yards, tackled by Conlan.

1-10-NY42. Anderson 8 run over right side, stopped by Jackson.

2-2-50. Carthon 3 run up the middle, stopped by Talley, Baldinger.

1-10-B47. Hostetler play-action pass over the middle to Bavaro for 20-yard gain, Bavaro tackled by L.Smith.

1-10-B27. Hostetler complete to Ingram on right sideline for 13 yards, tackled by L.Smith.

1-10-B14. Anderson 4 run over left side, tackled by Drane.

2-6-B10. Hostetler rolls left, complete to Bavaro in right flat for 1-yard gain, stopped by Conlan,

3-5-B9. Giants take their first timeout. Meggett delayed draw for 6 yards to right side, stopped by Bentley.

1-G-B3. Anderson stopped by Wright on left sweep for 4-yard loss.

2-G-B7. Anderson 4 run up the middle, tackled by Seals and Conlan.

3-G-B3. Hostetler pass batted down by Bennett.

4-G-B3. Field goal Bahr 21 yards. Time: 7:40.

Drive: 74 yards, 14 plays.


Bahr kickoff to 7, D.Smith 13 return, tackled by R.Brown.

BUFFALO: 7:20.

1-10-B20. Thomas 4 run over right side, stopped by Collins.

2-6-B24. Kelly out of shotgun, complete to Thomas for 15 yards, stopped by Collins.

1-10-B39. Kelly forced out of bounds after 1-yard gain, pressured by Johnson.

2-9-B40. Delayed draw to K.Davis for 1 run, stopped by Banks.

3-8-B41. Kelly incomplete to Edwards on left sideline, broken up by P.Williams.

4-8-B41. Tuten 46 punt, Meggett 17 return, tackled by Tasker.

NEW YORK: 5:25.

1-10-NY30. Anderson 5 run over left tackle, stopped by Seals and Talley.

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