Companies doing less recruiting on campus

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January 28, 1991|By Gary Dessler | Gary Dessler,Knight-Ridder

It looks like the recruiting season is shaping up as a tough one for many new college graduates.

On most campuses across the country, recruiting by employees is down. And that, in turn, reflects the fact that most employees plan to hire fewer college grads then they hired last year.

In fact, hiring by the employees surveyed by Michigan State University's Career Development and Placement Service Center will be down a whopping 9.8 percent this year -- and down even more in a few specific industries. For example, new college graduate hiring will drop this year by almost 28 percent among telecommunications/communications firms, by 18 percent among oil firms and almost 29 percent among government agencies. Chemicals, electronics, school systems, and many others will cut back, too.

On the other hand, the message isn't completely bleak. Hiring of new grads by a handful of industries -- hospitals and health services, automotive equipment, glass and packaging, and even retailing -- should jump by more than 10 percent. And for those who do land jobs, grads should find starting salaries up by about 4 percent over what new grads got last year.

What are some things you can do to boost your chances of landing a job? Here's a short list of a few things to watch out for:

* Focus your search. Try to focus on the job you want and the kind of company you'd like to work for. Doing so will help you put together a more appropriate resume and will help you focus your job-search efforts.

* Get active. You should be devoting at least 30 hours a week to your search and should be contacting at least seven people every day -- friends, possible employers, etc. -- about your search.

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