How the Giants were built

January 27, 1991

NFL draft

1981 Lawrence Taylor, LB, 1st.

1983 Leonard Marshall, DE, 2nd; Perry Williams, CB, 7th.

1984 Carl Banks, LB, 1st; William Roberts, OT, 1st; Jeff Hostetler, QB, 3rd; Gary Reasons, LB, 4th.

1985 Stacy Robinson, WR, 2nd; Pepper Johnson, LB, 2nd; Mark Bavaro, TE, 4th; Lee Rouson, RB, 8th.

1986 Eric Dorsey, DE, 1st; Mark Collins, CB, 2nd; Erik Howard, NT, 2nd; John Washington, DE, 3rd;

1987 Mark Ingram, WR, 1st; Stephen Baker, WR, 3rd; Doug Riesenberg, OT, 6th.

1988 Eric Moore, OT, 1st; John Elliott, OT, 2nd.

1989 Brian Williams, G, 1st; Bob Kratch, G, 3rd; Greg Jackson, S, 3rd; Lewis Tillman, RB, 4th; Dave Meggett, RB, 5th; Howard Cross, TE, 6th; Myron Guyton, S, 8th.

1990 Rodney Hampton, RB, 1st; Mike Fox, DE, 2nd; David Whitmore, S, 4th.

Free agent

1985 Maurice Carthon, FB; Bart Oates, C; Sean Landeta, P.

1988 Johnie Cooks, LB.

1989 Reyna Thompson, CB.

1990 Bob Mrosko, TE; Everson Walls, CB; Bobby Abrams, LB; Troy Kyles, WR; Matt Cavanaugh, QB; Matt Bahr, PK; Dave Duerson, S; Roger Brown, CB; Lawrence McGrew, LB; Tom

Rehder, G-T.


Ottis Anderson, RB from St. Louis for a 2nd- and 7th-round 1987 draft choice, 1986.

Steve DeOssie, LB from Dallas for a 6th-round 1990 draft choice, 1989.

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