Trevino a big winner in Senior Skins

January 27, 1991

KOHALA COAST, Hawaii -- Lee Trevino called the shot that made him the big winner yesterday over the first nine holes of the Senior Skins Game.

Trevino had a 15-foot birdie putt in the cup and was watching Jack Nicklaus, hunkered over a 12-footer to tie him, on the 7th hole at the Mauna Lani Resort.

"For the last three years, maybe four," Trevino told Arnold Palmer at the side of the green, "every time I've made a birdie, he's made a putt to tie me. He's got to miss sooner or later. He can't keep tying me forever."

Nicklaus' putt slipped by on the low side and, with carry-overs from five previous holes, Trevino won six skins and $100,000. For the day, Trevino won $125,000.

Nicklaus won one skin and $25,000. Palmer, the defending champion and the oldest man in the group at 61, dropped a 25-foot birdie putt for a first-hole birdie worth $15,000.

Rodriguez and Player were shut out.

Another $285,000 is at stake over the final nine holes today.

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