Survey Responses

January 27, 1991

In the Jan. 13 issue of The Harford County Sun, we asked readers if they supported military intervention in the Persian Gulf crisis. We are publishing some of those reponses here. All reponses published will be mailed to Harford's congressional representatives, Helen D. Bentley, R-2, and Wayne T. Gilchrest, R-1.


From: M. Hart

Havre de Grace

U.S. should not intervene.

The Middle East has always had and will continue to have wars and problems. The concern here is not to save face but to save lives.

Concentrate on ignorance, violence,disease, homelessness and other important issues in the United States.

We did not rush into Afghanistan or South Africa.

Bring our people home to protect our backs. Let the rich make more money some other way, or let the "hawks" march ahead of the Army, like Napoleon and Hannibal.


From: Ruth D.Rutlin


"A kinder, gentler nation?" We have 430,000young men and women from the United States poised and ready to protect the oil flow for the Europeans and Japanese.

Again, special interests have proven their power in our democratic style of government.

I do not believe the polls that 65 percent of the people of our country support the president on this issue. I believe that 65 percentof the people, and probably more, support our sons, daughters and husbands that are now depolyed on the Saudi sands. In a survey I took of friends, 95 percent did not agree with President Bush. My survey included 10 people.

Why couldn't a kinder, gentler President Bush dowhat former President Reagan did to (Col. Muammar el) Kadafi? Send in our superior Air Force and bomb known targets. We have yet to hear from this crazed person. Where is it written that the United States is to be the peace-keepers of the world?

Are we going to attack Russia because of their attack on Lithuania? We should, according to therationale that President Bush has given us so he might justify his intended invasion of Kuwait and Iraq.

Why couldn't we wait to see the sanctions work?

Why has President Bush taken this personally?

My solution is stay out of another country's business. Who are we, as a nation, to think we can bring peace to an area that has never known peace since the beginning of time. Clean up our own house and setan example for everyone.


From: Kenneth Spoerl

Bel Air

Unfortunately, there is not another solution to the Persian Gulf crisis, at this late a date.

Although we may not support why we are there, let us support our troopsto the fullest.

Maybe this crisis will finally wake all of us up to the dire need for a national energy policy!

Folks, we have beenspoiled too long!

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