Center Is On Standby

War In The Gulf

January 27, 1991

NEW WINDSOR — The New Windsor Service Center is on standby to provide services to the families of Americans in the Persian Gulf and refugees who may need resettlement.

Donna Derr, director of the disaster response andrefugee settlement program for the center, said they are ready to call volunteers around the country to provide child care for the families of U.S. servicemen who die or are seriously injured in the war.

The U.S. military or the Department of Defense would set up a family service center in Fort Lewis, Seattle, Wash., which would be staffed by Brethren volunteers.

"We have trained child-care providers from around the country to provide child-care services so that the whole family can be there with the injured person," Derr said. "We would coordinate that from our office and the volunteers would serve on site at Fort Lewis for an indefinite length of time."

The center also could be asked to help with the resettlement of any refugees who need help relocating from the Persian Gulf, she said, as well as shipping medical and other supplies as requested.

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