70 Carcasses Found In Abandoned Quarry

January 27, 1991

The carcasses of 70 deer, apparently shot by poachers, were found inan abandoned slate quarry near the Harford-Pennsylvania border on Jan. 16, the state Department of Natural Resources police said.

DNR Officer Jeffrey Sizemore said bucks, does and two fawns were found bya dirt biker in three piles within a mile from each other off Slate Ridge Road near Cardiff.

Two of the piles were within 100 yards of each other and the other carcass pile was about a mile away, Sizemore said.

"We can't be positive that they were all related," Sizemore said. "We have some leads but we can't say anything about them."

Investigators believe that most of the deer were killed shortly before the carcasses were discovered, Sizemore said. The blood on some of the deer was still fresh, he noted.

Sizemore said he believes that the deer were killed by poachers for their meat, which might then be sold.

He added thatthe carcasses were most likely brought to the quarry after the deer were killed elsewhere, possibly in Pennsylvania.

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