Aquarium Advocate


January 27, 1991

Editor: I have had the pleasure of serving as a volunteer at the National Aquarium in Baltimore for over a year. This has been a valuable experience for me since it is filling a neglected spot in my education. Additionally, in my role as volunteer, I am playing a small part in making the aquarium available to the public.

This source of learning and entertainment is not completely without controversy. The article in the Sun Magazine (Dec. 30) was a generally balanced and objective presentation of both sides of the controversy. . . . Of all the positions discussed (and in most cases representing the reasoned approach), I find the Biblical justification employed by Nicholas Brown, aquarium director, to be totally inappropriate and really of questionable validity, in the light of what we now know and don't know relative to marine mammals such as whales and dolphins. ["The Bible said the Lord gave dominance to man over the animal kingdom."] These animals continue to exhibit behaviors which indicate that we have much to learn concerning the level of their intelligence. It is my contention that there is much to be learned from the behavior of "lower" animals in general, and that it is undoubtedly man's egotistical nature which stands in the way of the benefits to be gained from a better understanding.

The aquarium is here to stay! It seems to me that there is little to be gained by the constant haggling with its critics. Just continue to state that it is great and that the goal is to find ways to make it

even better.

Grover C. Condon Aberdeen

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