Acetate is giving menswear a more fluid silhouette


January 27, 1991|By Donna Peremes

Things are changing in the world of menswear. Vibrant color choices and floral fashions are no longer for women only, and more fluid silhouettes are breaking down the barriers in the fabric world, too.

Acetate, a fabric whose dyeability and draping qualities have long made it a popular choice in women's wear, is increasingly being found in menswear for just such reasons. Its weave holds those increased color choices well, and it achieves the loose, slouchy chic desired by so many men in a manner similar to silk without the price tag.

The photographs here demonstrate the fabric's versatility in the hands of several designing concerns.

You'll find acetate hanging ever so loosely from the racks at several local men's boutiques, including Cignal and Saeno.

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